How to choose best cat coaching in Delhi?


Choosing the right institute for CAT preparation is essential for successfully cracking the exam. Delhi is considered as the hub for best MBA Coaching and picking up the best CAT coaching in Delhi can become confusing and challenging. Although, the answer may differ from person to person, it also depends whether you have attempted CAT earlier or not and if you have previous experience of a coaching center.

Here are some pointers you can keep in mind while choosing an institute:

Time and Location: this is the most important factor, as it is all about convenience, if you are a working professional or a college student, you would more likely prefer an institute around you and classes timing so it doesn’t clash with your other priorities. Alchemist provides you with module system, wherein you can make your own time table, choose the institute nearest to you and also, choose the faculty member teaching you the particular topic as well. This takes care of your personalized needs, strengths and weaknesses. The modules are divided so that it is not interdependent, and covers all the required topics. As the modules are based on independent topics, you do not need to follow them in a specific sequence. So the idea behind the module system is that the student can build time table according to his or her personal need and thus reap the benefits without the stress.

Batch size: mostly students learn in a smaller group as the teacher can easily give attention to the problem an individual can face. As Alchemist believes in mastering each and every topic, they make a point to not have more than 25 students in a batch, therefore making sure each and every individual in a class can ask or question his/her doubt without the fear of drowning in an ocean of chaos if in a larger group.

Mock test series: the most important thing to know here are the relevance of the questions and quality of the questions asked. Alchemist provides one of the best mock tests through its tool,, which provides regular tests that helps CAT aspirants to evaluate themselves and weigh their strengths and weaknesses regularly. As we know how mock tests gives an idea about the examination pattern, type of questions asked in the exam, marking scheme, and difficulty level etc. Mock tests help students to evaluate their current preparation level and help them in making their future preparation plans.

Quality of faculty: an interactive faculty and one who emphasis on teaching from basics. The faculty at Alchemist work hard day in and out, so that the student not only understand a concept but strive to approach any given problem differently than the conventional method. You can approach the faculty with your problems at any time, and they will definitely go out of the way to solve the problems. You can call them, email them and they will always help you out. They are genuinely concerned about each and every student studying with them, and that is a very motivating experience.

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