Survey: Top CAT Coaching Institutes In Delhi/NCR Region:

Delhi is a hub of CAT Coaching institutes, so we have brought you the survey on Top CAT Coaching Institutes in Delhi based on students feedback.

Daily activity reminderAlchemistAll institutes have their ways to show daily activity reminders, but alchemist is the most efficient.
Study Zone with LibraryAlchemist, Career Launcher, TIMESAlchemist has best study zones, material, facilities and environment for study.
Ticket System for Grievence MangagementAlchemistOnly Alchemist has this facility others depends upno traditional ways.
Doubt Clearance effeciencyAlchemistAlchemist use latest technology Know Boubt App and faculty is available all the time
Faculty available in centre for doubtAlchemistIn most of the institutes faculty is available for classes only but in Alchemist faculty is availbale throughout the day.
Repeat class bookingAlchemist and ByjusAlchemist use technology for booking classes. And students can easliy book any class according to their preference inclyuding repeat classes
progress reportAlchemistRegular check on progress report is very important. Ecept Alchemist no one use digiital ways to track the progress.
Test Series
Career Launcher
Test series of Career Launcher is best.
Personalized AssesmentAlchemist and Byjus
Alchemist and Byjus use latest technology for personalized assessment rest others relies on traditional approach
Sectional Test
Career LauncherCareer Launcher has the best test series and sectional tests.
Concept Check

Alchemist unlike others focus on concept so that student would be able to solve any question.
Ability to pick easy questions
Alchemist, Career Launcher, TIMES

No one can solve all questions in CAT exam thus the ability to choose easy questions is very important.
Speed Test
Alchemist, Career Launcher, TIMES and Byjus
All institues are good whenit comes to speed test and working on answer solving speed of students.
Qualification/experienceAllAll the institutes have excellent faculty
Choose your facultyAlchemistAlchemist provides you an option to choose your own faculty because teaching style of each faculty is diffent. You can choose the one whose style suits you best.
PedagogyAlchemistAlchemist focus on concept while others on Worksheets or funda books.
Class/weekAlchemist and Byjus
Student can schedule their classes in Alchemist and Byjus while in TIME and Career Launcher have 3 days a week fixed routine
Course plan
Alchemist and Byjus
Can you choose your own course or a particular subject.
Repeat class
Alchemist and Byjus
Alchemist and Byjus gives you option to repeat a class and rescheduling is very easy preocess, while in TIMES and Career Launcher resheduling is a hectic task and depends on availability in different batch
Focus on individual
Focus on iindividual student, mentor, assesment and help to improve effeciency
Alchemist is the only institute that provides separate mentor to each student. Career Launcher provides a mentor to a group of 15 students, while TIMES and Byju's have no mentorship system
Individual attention
With personalized assesment tests, SWAT analysis and Mentors assigned to each student Alchemist is the only institute that provides complete individual attention

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